Philippians 1:6

To complete... to finish... to perfect...

God does all this and more, friends.  He does all this in such a wonderful, powerful and personal manner.  He has led me through all sorts of labyrinths in recent times...  As of yesterday afternoon, God unveiled a new ministry for me and for my wife.  

Instead of providing a preview, I am going to provide an online journal for all to "see" and "hear", as it were.  May this blog serve as a testimony and perpetual praise of God.  May His glory & Gospel be proclaimed and His peace be extended to you, my dear reader.

I hope to provide written prayers, daily devotionals & sermonettes; with sole purpose of instigating an unrestrained passion for the Kingdom of God within all of us.

I'll also keep you posted on the start up of two small groups: one in Doral and another in Kendall.  Additionally, I'll provide dates and times for lectures, preaching engagements and retreats I've been asked to speak at, should you feel lead to visit.  

Please let me know your prayer requests.  I'd also appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to drop me a line and tell me if this service is genuinely blessing you.

Grace & Peace, 

Pastor Daniel


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