Spiritual Warfare (II)

I believe…

That it is time to be humbled. It is time to be deeply contrite before Almighty God. It is time for us to reconsider and reconfigure our sense of what does our faith mean and what does it imply. Let me begin with the implications…

(1) The fact that most Christians believe that God parted the Red Sea suggests belief in a God who is capable and works within the supernatural.

(2) The fact that we confess that Jesus was born of a virgin, was crucified, died and on the third day rose, suggest that we believe in the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as having supernatural dimensions that confound, disarm and are superior to our mind’s ability to ever fathom.

(3) The need for these events to have happened suggest God’s divine will to be perfect with purpose, power and with the intended end of reconciling and healing the world and humanity from sin, brokenness and evil. If this is the case, then, evil is a supernatural reality, allowed by God to have occurred and intended for purposes we will know when we see our Father face to face. Until then, though, we must contend with the reality of the forces of anti-Christ. With the forces of the darkness.  We cannot be fully involved in our pilgrimage with Jesus and somehow arbitrarily ignore the satanic realities of sin, brokenness and evil in our lives. Ultimately, that’s why He came and died…

Additionally, we must come to with the harsh reality that Satan has waged a war of confusion against the human race. Confusion? Yes, confusion – in my estimation, the firstborn abomination of all satanic intentions. In confusing humanity, the seeds of doubt, discord and defiance are planted and thoroughly fertilized, nourished and harvested.

If we are to grow in discernment, we must intentionally choose to pray and acknowledge the extent to which confusion has directly confused to our doubting God’s character. Harboring uncertainly causes us to doubt that God’s promises are unshakeable. Instead of trusting Christ as we walk on water, like Peter, we are overtaken by the storm and sink into the waters of confusion.

Confusion causes us to make poor choices. Fear instills a lack of trust in God. As we can no longer trust God, we must, therefore, trust ourselves. Our need to control circumstances so certainty can reign and we can have power over circumstances makes us blind to His will and makes us delusional in our assumptions about ourselves as having mastery or dominion over ourselves and the world around us. We buy into the fiction of independence and lose all sense of our need to deposit full and unconditional trust in God, in other words . . . full dependency in God, through Jesus Christ alone.


Pastor Daniel


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