An Evening Prayer

Almighty God, Blessed Father, the Great I AM, thank you for this evening and for the day you have granted us to experience.  Be with those who have been taken to their breaking point on this day.  Sustain them.  Be with those who have given up today. Revive their hearts.  Be with those who have said good-bye, shed tears, grow awfully acquainted with grief and sorrow on this day.  Comfort them.  Guard your saints, provide power and your presence to any and all who need to see you right now and forgive us all of our manifold sins.  Please forgive us.  May we retire into your arms and know a night of peace.  May it be well for us tomorrow as we come and gather to worship your Holy Name, Adonai.  May it please You, glorify You and honor You as only You deserve.  May it be in Spirit and in Truth.  We invoke you into our chambers tonight and always, according to Thy perfect and holy will -

IN Christ . . .  Amen.    

Pastor Daniel


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