With heartfelt gratitude


Thank you so very much for the time each of you take to read, ponder and above all else, pray for this ministry via www.pastordanielmedina.com.  God is ever-faithful and reminds of His provision, power and purposes on a daily basis.  Everyday I see more readers, countries and interest growing for the content provided for seekers, believers, those on the margins - pilgrims, really, who have a burning passion for Christ or have had the spark lit by the Holy Spirit.  

Once again, thank you.  I only ask that if you are convinced that God is doing something through these entries, messages and presentation, please consider subscribing and sharing this content with others.  Let me know how God is blessing, instigating, provoking or moving you while and after you visit.

Please know of my constant prayers for each of you.  

Always in Christ, 

Pastor Daniel


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