How do you know God is real & present in your life?

How I answer this particular question will affect the outcome of my Christian spiritual journey. Let me clarify, I am not suggesting, by any stretch of the imagination, that I have a particular influence on how another finds God.  I can only invite others to consider Jesus.  However, I am suggesting that the answer can convey a certain level of reflection and therefore, the other individual may consider a bit more seriously the question of God due to the "quality" or the "seriousness" or the "apparent sincerity" of the answer.

My sense of security in God's existence isn't an exercise in intellectual sparing. It isn't rooted in philosopical proofs which address God's existence through the via negativa. Although all these facets have in some fashion influenced my prayer life, research and contemplation, it isn't empirical. My security is visceral. My personal evidence of God's existence and reality surely exists beyond my senses, but my daily experience of the Holy in my life is felt. The feeling is later subjected to intellectual appreciation, but not as to deconstruct it. Rather, the intellectual exercise enhances my feeling of God through a cerebral acknowledgement of what cannot ever be fathomed intellectually.

This is a short one tonight.

I suppose there is plenty here, though, for now that is . . .

Grace and peace.

Pastor Daniel


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