How to Pray (I)

We spend too much time talking to God, but not enough time listening to His voice and presence... 
I’d like to suggest beginning to pray by thanking God and giving Him praise and glory. 
Afterwards, ask for forgiveness.  Don’t provide excuses, just ask Him to forgive you.  If we don’t forgive others, we’re going to be held to the same standard. 
Intercede for others. 
Then ask for God’s will to be done in your life—as He sees fit.  His will is perfect and although it may seem to be totally against our best interests, no interest is better than the one God has in store for us. 
By simply trusting His will, He will provide for everything we need at just the right time.
Then be still.  Listen to Him by allowing Him to reveal His ways to you, day by day.  Patience is the password to God’s “sight”.  He will demonstrate that His ways are not ours and our sense of purpose, justice and timing are not His.  Read the Bible as you pray and afterwards.  That’s another way God speaks to us.   
Finally, ponder of what you’ve prayed for and reconvene with God to discuss what you shared with Him.  You may discover a lot of “ME” and not enough of “HIM”.  


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