Reaching Out

Dear Friends,

I've noticed that we've reached over 5,500 hits.  I've also received news from several readers that the entries and contents herein have been valuable for their walk with the Master.  For these and many other reasons we are truly grateful to the Lord, God Almighty and to each of you who have spent time and invested your feelings over these pages.

To that end, I would ask that you prayerfully consider sharing this site with others, subscribing and letting me know via the site how the entries are making an impact.  This correspondence would surely encourage replies, stir thought for more writing and foster community in Christ's name across many miles.

We are thankful as well for each of you.  Across many nations and tongues, are blog has been able to accompany other pilgrims along their walk of the Way.  We do not have words for this other than deep thanksgiving for the privilege and the company.

Share the site.  If you visit our parish, share the program and request a CD of the message and share it with others, too.  We need others to hear about the Master.  Let me know if you'd like a CD, program or if there are questions or prayer requests we can add on our list.

Thanks again and may the Lord richly bless each of you, your loved ones and the ministries for which He has elected you to be a part of...

For the sake of His Kingdom,

Pastor Daniel+


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