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Anxiety does not only have clear emotional connections.  It is the result of an abundant spiritual malaise that has grown far beyond an individual's ability to contain or diminish the power is has acquired over a person.

Anxiety creeps up anyone.  It usually lies low when others are around or when one is in the midst of some activity where it isn't possible to work or reflect.  But when the time is available and conditions would seem to be favorable for good work to be done, paralysis sets in.  Paralysis of one's discipline and focus.  Unrelated thoughts become quite abundant and distracting.  Thoughts related to one's abilities, grasp on knowledge or competence, come before a judge presiding over a mental tribunal where one is found guilty of ineptness and worthlessness.

Anxiety also comes when there is little to no support.  This can be both true or imaginary.

It is the function of writers, poets, preachers and learned folks to be capable, often leading to personal loss and pain, to present the conditions of the present world - both along intrapersonal and interpersonal lines.  But the conclusions drawn and set before readers is not without a substantial amount of personal experience.

Perhaps those that are actively engaged in any spiritual pilgrimage, take stock in themselves as they read or listen to the conditions brought on by the presence of anxiety in one's life.  But so many are passively attentive but keeping more than a comfortable arm's length from the consequences of jumping head first into the process of reprogramming one's life.  It is a lonely and frightening proposition.  One that doesn't guarantee any material benefits or promises to resolve dysfunctional circumstances at home, work or within.

So why walk toward certain fragmentation?

I don't know how one could reject - what to my mind seems to be the only option which DOES ensure spiritual evolution and, consequently, a refreshing and bold approach to comprehending one's purpose, value and sense of personhood.

As I confront my own phantoms and feel the brutal aftermath of emotional and spiritual exhaustion, I believe that I can not live and will not be able to live with dignity and a genuine sense of self-worth without doing so.

Spirituality is applied religion.  One can be religious, but never be a spiritual individual who stands on a precipice of uncertainty and wonder - simultaneously.  Angst and Wonder do walk hand-in-hand.  Conversely, to be spiritual without the religious underpinnings necessary for the purpose of educated application of said beliefs, values, worldview and ethics, leaves the believer at the mercy of a hodgepodge of pseudo science and new age thoughts which are neither true or rational.

I invite you to start the painful process of integrating your life.  As you live in an integral fashion, you will acquire humility, an attitude of thanksgiving and awe for life and for the holy place you hold in this sphere of reality.

I will be here attending to my pain, attend to yours - and as we heal, we will be able to extend a courageous and transformed hand to those unable or unsure of the value and purpose of submitting to the process of self-discovery and reclamation.

This is the true nature of holiness and the evident consequence of wisdom - from ashes rises the perfumed incense of angels to the nostrils of those blessed to be called stewards of this Earth.


Pastor Daniel


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