My Theology

To remove the obstacles of the Self is to allow the Soul within each one of us – that is God – to flow through thereby realizing the truest nature of our Mind, of our Being.  That is my purpose for serving as a minister of the Gospel.  It is my philosophy of ministry to embody the place of a midwife.  As one in such a place of honor, the provision of care and support, the instruction for the breathing in of the spirit and the encouragement to push out into reality one’s new self, transformed by the union of God with the Self and to nurture the new creation into the fullness of Christ, is the nature of the pastor.
My theology serves as an underpinning for my practice of ministry.  Doing theology is the natural intent of every human being for reaching above and over one’s individual heart and mind to reach God.  By using our collective and individual brokenness as a stepping stool, to embrace God and listen. 
Why and how is this possible?  God is our heavenly parent; mother and father.  Because of the intimate, personal and accepting nature of the Godhead, we have a divine brother, Jesus, who embodies the perfect nature of God in flesh so as to live among us and receive us all – regardless of sex, gender, creed, race, age, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, to dine with him and become one with him.

I believe the Bible is an authentic account of God’s love for the world and for all creation – and not just humanity.  However, the authenticity of Scripture is not to be manhandled or deformed into a dogmatic instrument of oppression, marginalization or disenfranchisement, of any one group or of the environment.  The greatest example of God’s truth and the most profound testimony of God’s revelation to the world is its diversity. 

Scripture is to serve as the guide which affords us with the understanding of the inner self, the Soul, which inhabits each one of us.  As a tool of discovery, it assists in our ability to employ the mind within to access the divine imagination which the soul places at our discretion.  As the soul is in tuned with and is part of the Over Soul, to use Emerson’s term for God, the Bible helps us to plumb and calibrate ourselves for the benefit of channeling the soul through us and thereby become like Christ ourselves.

Christ is the Savior of the world inasmuch as we are all to be saved by the unconditional, loving gift of the Cross, despite our willingness or ability to accept its reality.  That is the nature of love.  It is not contingent on patterns of right action or of correct rituals; it is an intrinsic outpouring of the Universal Soul’s nature.  In essence to commune with Christ is to commune with our nature.  To commune with our nature is to live a life of virtue, love and beauty.


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