Epiphany's eponymous season

The difficulty of sustaining focus on the miracle and mystery of Epiphany is manifold.  It isn't one thing or another per se.  It's all sorts of things that provide distraction and divided attention.  The measure of endurance is even slighted when so many homes and businesses, family and neighbors, have evidently decided to head toward the day to day.  So, isn't this supposed to be a season of light and one of wonder?  Perhaps the necessity for us to concern ourselves with place is well worth the time.  Light, wonder and mystery, cannot exist independently from daily life.  Otherwise, the nature of the miracle is skewed or is artificial.  It is in the quotidian that one is to venture into the light, see the wonder of God's promise all around and despite the nature of the times, experience the mystery of the Incarnation every day.

I believe therefore the celebration of the Lord's Supper is so necessary for the people of God to reclaim and to bring back into its rightful place in daily worship and prayer.  I would love to see more Nonconformist churches opening their spaces for daily prayer and inviting all to come and see.  This is the nature of the season of Epiphany.  The light cannot be put underneath a mattress or hidden away before it's time.

How do you seek the light?  Do you remain steadfast in wonder and relish the mystery of God’s greatest gift?  Are we intentionally practicing the presence of God each day?  I invite these to be your devotional questions this week?  I encourage bringing them to bible study, prayer meetings and Sunday schools.  Unless we are authentic and intentional, there is no transformation of mind, body and spirit.  The ordinary is where extraordinary things take place and are forever present. This is the nature of God for His creation is outside of time and the myriad of miracles break through incessantly into history. 

I enjoy the challenge and I find that when others are victims of the daily grind, I intentionally play a Carol and read the Christmas narratives.  I make the sustenance of the message part of my prayer, praise and meditation for today.  I invite you to resist moving ahead and enjoin you to rest at the foot of the manger.  There is room for all us to kneel.


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