DADA in the Time of Corona

Perhaps you’ve heard of this living, unpredictable and uncouth means of authentic expression - DADA.  These times require it.  Tripping the line fantastic...  Milton’s groove over the eggshells we walk over in between and around us.
The cliché quote of the times they are a ‘changing, don’t offer any glimmer of hope any longer.  The pursuit for better times – an age of Aquarius – has become a nightmare of unfathomable death & depth.  Anyone, anywhere, at anytime is a SOFT TARGET. 
The grocery store, our schools, dinner at a restaurant or worshipping at a house of prayer are war zones, hot zones, potential places of death, not by accident, but by means of calculated acts of terror against humanity.  These are times, these are the signs, these are the tea leaves for those who wish to divine, to conjure up some “better tomorrow” with the complicit decisions and myopic vision of today’s so-called leaders.
Life means even less to many nowadays…
DADa is NOT…
Blah Blah Blah
We call it “TEKE” in “buen Cubano”.  What’s TeKe?  Talk, just talk talk.  Words pronounced, the letter killeth… no meaning, no honor or integrity behind it… Superficial, disingenuous, evil speech hell-bent of killing the spirit, reason, faith, decency, common sense and integrity on the altar of

Dada germinates when the fields are fecund.  Our land has been lying fallow; much dung s been thrown at and over the seeds of ideas, voices, dreams, innovation, creativity, spirituality, good nature, poetry, music, art and the vision, of a free people looking to elected officials to serve US in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in the U.S.
Now is the time to break from the crowd and see what’s going on. Write it, paste it, paint it, photograph it, record it, prose or poem, backbeat or drop beats, spins, sample and rhyme words...
This is
the neo-nouveau,
the essence
the existence,
© Daniel Medina 2016


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