Deep Fake

Illusions are sophisticated interpretations of distorted reality.  For instance, we have a distorted view of matter.  It is what helps us live within the illusion of a world of solids and of time.  Yet, we know that matter is not solid, and that time is also not linear or, for that matter, real.  We operate within the illusion of time to make sense of the illusion of decaying matter and the passing of the illusion of time. 

We accept the color spectrum as fact.  However, hummingbirds see colors we cannot even begin to fathom.  Our imagination cannot wrap our minds around that reality as the illusion of our spectrum is an obstruction to the reality of colors beyond our human palate.  The illusions of control, the illusions of perceptions, the illusion of Ego, and the illusions of constructs such as God, religion, success, power, family, and morality, just to name a few - have all but conspired against us as children so we adopt those same constructs as our own.  These, in turn, inform of expectations, perceptions, standards, and preferences.

If this is all true, how then am I not an illusion? As previously mentioned, illusions are complex interpretations of reality which is distorted due to the constructs identified herein.  The discovery of my true Self existing beyond the narrow limits of my illusory ego and worldview, is the emancipation I undergo in Jesus the Christ.  Jesus’ teachings show me that my pursuits in the illusory world prevent me from enjoying peace and contentment in the knowledge that God accepts me as I am.  As I strive to meet the conditions of worth others have of me, I am never able to be good enough or be myself.  I live to make illusions real and when I see myself fall short of those expectations or perceptions, I further the alienation from my true self and from the real world which God describes as easy, a kingdom, green pastures, rooms in God’s house, a prodigal son, a redeemed tax collector, and a crucified robber in paradise. 

To be Christ like is to live into my true Self, released from the burdens of having to comply with the illusory world.  So, rather than pursue the illusion of happiness, I find contentment.  Instead, of seeking to be successful, I find meaning.  I exchange alienation for acceptance of my self-worth.  I am worthy of being loved.  I am a child of God.  Once I divest myself of the ego and live as a true self, I am redeemed self.  I can now live free to love others, to edify, and to empower others, to also discover their true nature and acceptance before God and themselves.  To be Christ like is to bring the good news to others as it was brought to me.  It can only be good news if I embody it.  If I am it’s incarnation – and I like as Christ lived among us. 


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