Life is like the light that is apparently divided into separate colors when seen through a dispersive prism. Each eye is the aperture of subjective interpretation of one's limited understanding of this illusive experience.  Yet, life is the contextual frame whereby God affords each of us - life's purpose - to experience the ability to achieve the utmost of human potential and experience.  This is not available to all.  This is often stolen from others by control, power, war, famine, oppression, gaslighting, torture, addiction, education, incarceration, illness, bigotry, hate, and fear.  These are real obstacles which despite our spiritual awareness to the illusory nature of this life, the impact of the illusion hurts, can take us before our time, and can render life apparently meaningless and without any purpose whatsoever. Christ's words present an opportunity for the reversal of misfortune by grace to make right the wrongs we have perpetrated against our neighbor and ourselves.  For if in fact, we are all part of the same white light, then we are one and any pain and suffering we cause others, we cause ourselves.  And therefore, we do not realize the purpose for which God gave us this contextual frame in which to live life with purpose.  We do not know what we do when we are asleep.  When we awake and notice all we have done because of apathy and fear, we are forgiven and empowered to take as call and live as a vocation into living out the reasons for why we are here and to ensure all others do -for we are one.  


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