It seems that seeking happiness is the end for many. Having that as a goal is like trying catch water with your hands - it will either seep through between your fingers or evaporate- but it isn’t going to stay. Happiness is an illusion. Contentment, on the other hand, is a state of mind. A decided upon perspective which YOU choose to have, live into, remain mindful of, and nurture. Contentment is an authentic state of satisfaction with the life you have. It is not grounded on expectations that others had of you or that society, culture, or parents did. It is a deep appreciation for your being where you are and realizing that you are on a journey. Life is not static and it happens for each of us in different ways across different seasons. The problem is we’re lied to and told that pain can be avoided and that suffering is for others. Once we are humbled by life and sobered - we comprehend that the choice to be content is more potent than the one life can muster. It is not suppose to be easy - it is supposed to be meaningful. We grow when pruned, we acquire wisdom with bruises, and with the seasons that pass across the span of our lives. Be @ peace.


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