Weil's Wager

Simone Weil challenged the world to consider how can one serve the planet as pacifist - armed for resistance to evil - and yet willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for it. It is inevitable that evil will find its stooges to perpetrate violence. How should we respond if we hold fast to the belief that violence is not the answer?

If one uses a reciprocal amount of force to stop the violence; that is to say one counters or meets the violence directed toward one with the proportional force to stop is - then the action is not violent - it is the peaceful use of force to deter and to stop lives from being slaughtered, oppressed, and robbed of their God given dignity. 

If nation states truly invested in their citizens, they would not rob, kill, lie, misinform, and indoctrinate, the very same people who are guaranteed by their exercise of suffrage and support for civil society, to have government and other essential institutions protect the dignity of all people who make up the nation state's body politic. 

Politics, in the original sense of the word, means relationships. Government therefore, is to sustain, grow, protect, and care for the relationships it is supposed to have with its constituents, i.e., the true bosses are the people, not the autocrats and bureaucrats. This is why there is such mistrust and lack of support for government. The mutiny of government over the people has led to the elected (employees) of the People (employers). The elected have seized control over the wealth of the People, the freedom of the People, and the truth the People. And the People just watch. We know what is going on, but we accept the laws generated to protect the elected from the People. When the People seek to reclaim the order lost to power, corruption, and lies, the laws are enforced and the just are label enemies of the nation state (and order is preserved). 

Simone Weil 
Is this the world we want?

Is the this the country we want?

Is this the evil we want in perpetuity?


If YOU are a member of white supremacist groups - these words are not intended to justify your distorted and evil view of others.YOU and your organizations are a cancer to democracy, justice, and freedom. 

If YOU are a communist, fascist, nationalist, or nihilist - totalitarianism is NOT the answer any than white supremacy is. 

TRUE FREEDOM cannot coexist with racism, hate, fear, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, nihilism, disorder, corruption, or keeping potential candidates silenced from debates and engagement because exorbitant sums of money are required for political campaigns. 


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