NOW! A Manifesto

This is absolutely insane - Haiti is unlivable and with their inability to recuperate adequately from earthquakes, and prior inconceivable hurricane damages, plus is the wake of political assassination - what is the United States thinking about? All the talk about how the Trump administration was somehow an abomination to American values and principles - how the prior administration had betrayed our global leadership and international trust in the constants of American security, responsibility, support, and transparency - and now this. Under Biden the border becomes chaotic, and children are again left to uncertainty, the Cuban people’s cries for liberty were ignored, Afghanistan is returned to the same Taliban who held the nation under siege and harbored terrorists, and now Haiti. 

    I am not a Republican or a Democrat. This country is held hostage by a corrupt two-party system which has basically made of American democracy a monopoly - like Facebook and Instagram - they are one and the same. They keep dividing the people and resemble the party they just won the election from - at local, state, or federal levels. 

Due to inexorably high and truly unnecessary amounts of money needed to enter into political campaigns and debates against these two parties - along with the vicious character assassinations of potentially wonderful candidates who rather not even enter the political process and deal with inconceivable personal attacks - the same jokers and conniving politicians act against the people, turn their backs of the people of the world who need us the most, and have no sense of shame, guilt, or integrity. 

We cannot continue to fall apart - falling into a whirlpool and endless spiral of fragmentation due to ineffective leaders, tenured members of Congress who are there for re-election and not the people, and constant misinformation, inconsistencies, and intentional distortions by both sides of the aisle and media - which are directly responsible for everything from fear to conspiracy theories and betraying our planet to selling out our allies. 

We are not the example we claim to be. 


We do not have the leadership we deserve - and we have not had it for a very long time. 


We do not have a system that protects our people, cares for the least of these, and genuinely invests in our nation. We have enough money to pay for college, get rid of student debt, clean the environment and planet, provide meals and hot water, protect our nation and provide confidence and truthful information to our citizens. 


Running a government is not as difficult as politicians make us believe. They need it to be so that they can come across as our saviors, subject matter expects, and the elites we should depend on because although the nation is by and for the people, they have stolen the authority in order to make it about them and not about us. 


I do not believe in conspiracies, and I do not believe in secret governments. This is too obvious and doesn’t require the number of brains that any true conspiracy requires. Sadly, this is about money, apathy, and fear. This is about making legal claims against people, telling us there is no money, taxing us for more so that money can be given to the Taliban, and when the Maduros, Castros, And Putins of the world show us - pay them too as platitudes are condescendingly shared at international venues like the UN or Twitter. 


We have lost the world’s confidence because we betrayed it since the time of Nixon. I wasn’t born around JFK, but it seems to me that the same old patterns of government- which can be traced to the time of Wilson, need to stop, change, and we need to reclaim the principles of government that will foster responsibility with compassion, defense with conscience, and peace with justice and prosperity to all and for all. 


This is not impossible - if the need is to serve instead of being served - to be a representative of the people, instead of having the people maintain these elected officials, and the willingness to make government easy to follow and accountable so that trust is restored. 


This is possible and the time is now.



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