A Winter Solstice Meditation

Winter Solstice Vespers-A Meditation

The ancients kept the fires burning in anticipation of the year’s rebirth. 

The death grip of darkness is only an illusion - light prevails and has dominion over all it surveys. 

As this year comes to an end, let our hope not end with it. Let our love continue to grow as intense as the fires our ancestors burned to keep the day alive. 

Let us also pray and act to keep the fires of charity, forbearance, benevolence, and justice alive, too. 

Let candles, trees adorned, bells and carols proclaim the Truth that sets all free. 

Let us model the Way which is the incomparable path to everlasting life. 

Despite the inefficiency of human words to express it - the Word continues to speak to hearts where voices fail and people falter. 

Light will always penetrate the darkness and death will never be final. This is the hope and promise that never fails or ends. 

Have peace, rejoice, and let light shine - let the night have its revels - for we shall sing a new song tomorrow…

The Sun will shine over our land again…

Let us do the same for others during this and every season of our lives - and keep hope & love alive. 

Forever and always, 


Pastor Daniel


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