When did any of us – born after 1969 - ever believe we’d be as divided as we are now? Those born before 1969, when did you ever think you’d revisit times such as those which back in 2012 seemed to be somewhere in remote, “ancient” U.S. history? 

            Yet – here we are. Some always harbored the sentiments which are today referred to as extremist representing either the far right or far left – those of the far left had their hearing and trials, prison time and character assassinations. Yet, we live in a time where a former president can celebrate, express admiration for, and applaud the invasion of a sovereign nation, and there is no comprehensive sanctioning of those comments underscoring how unequivocally un-American they are. 

            We live in a time where the overwhelming number of U.S. born Citizens have absolutely no clue about U.S. history or civics, for that matter. One shouldn’t be surprised at the number of Americans who have NOT read the U.S. Constitution or simply believe attorneys and politicians aren’t held accountable to the law and have substantial limits to how they are supposed to conduct their business. We have forfeited the nation to politicians who – with some specific exception - regardless of their party – have betrayed the respect, oath, and allegiance to the People, the Constitution, and the Law. 

            Today, if your party does anything – regardless of how irrational - it’s ok. It is irrationally justified with religious, nationalistic language. Whether it’s God or Woke - people blindly follow party members who have been brainwashed with conspiracy theories where the Simpsons, anti-Semitic themes, and appalling deep state science fiction narratives generated by predominantly homophobic, religious fundamentalists – are considered to be as true as the Scriptures, which are disgustingly distorted to promote discrimination and substantiated unscientific claims ranging from the pandemic to gender. Conversely, demented progressives who claim Ernesto ”Che” Guevara to be a hero, Fidel Castro to be a statesman and liberator, and innumerable broken socialist policies are the means to a “more perfect union” ensuring the brotherhood of humanity. Wealthy politicians who claim to be in solidarity with “the people” promote socialism as the excellent counterpoint to a Madisonian democracy. 

            Now we face a country where the Ukrainians defend their sovereign land from a megalomaniac and tyrant – Vladimir Putin – whose visions of restoring a broken and failed U.S.S.R. cause tantrums and erratic behaviors. Like a spoiled brat – he does what he wants and will do whatever he wants because the Russian government is afraid to be the responsible parent in the room. We shouldn’t be surprised – this is exactly what the Trump administration did every time the entitled, spoiled brat wanted to flush documents down the toilet or made fun of people with disabilities. The inner bully in so many Americans who find it easier to be cruel than to be kind – rejoiced that now they had found a sympathetic leader and source of inspiration to bully, discriminate, hate, and above all else, condone their aggression as just and patriotic. Hitler did the same thing. HURT IS THE ROOT OF ALL ANGER. 

            President Biden is not innocent. He has had a political career that has not been as stellar as he or his supporters intend to sell the American people. Nevertheless, he has learned to keep his mouth shut when it has been such a source of trouble for him in the past. But his methods of doing politics don’t resonate with “do nothing” Republicans who care only about elections and warn that whatever is done to them, they will do the same. They have supported an attack on Capitol Hill, claiming it was “legitimate political discourse.” Americans believe the election was stolen from Trump and that lasers, Italians, and who knows – perhaps even Reptilians, may have had something to do with the “steal.” Our democracy fragility was tested under Lincoln. Our nation was torn asunder during the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement – it seemed awfully close again. Frankly, we have surpassed the wildest expectations of all Americans – and the world. 

            One can pray to a God that sees the world as one does – and not see any results. This is because the god being prayed to isn’t the one of love and who created us in the divine image. Rather, it is us praying to a god we created in ours. Only when love is the genuine source of the petitions and the desire to be Americans first – above and overall parties – and when the desire for ALL people – ALL PEOPLE – are also Americans and granted the same opportunities and securities to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will things begin to change. If constituents mean more than authentic service to America, there is no difference between prostitution and politics. Servants of the people cannot be double-minded – especially when the moral mandate – whether we like it or not doesn’t only extend to the limits of our national boundaries – but embraces the totality of all humanity and the globe in the times of the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

            As we see what is unfolding in Ukraine, let us learn from their example and see our land as worthy of the blood spilled on her surface and has penetrated to the deepest recesses of her collective unconscious and psyche. Let us learn that the fragile nature of our democracy is the unfinished experiment, so many nations used to remain on life support when so much seems to be unattainable and impossible for them – we are their hope. We have lost ours. It is time to start again. It is time to unite.


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