I do not believe the purpose of spirituality is to limit anyone from any walk of life from attaining the meaning, quality and peace, religions afford, and gurus teach.  In fact, it is precisely because spirituality is a human condition, it is impossible to keep some from their nature unless forces beyond their own control force this upon them.  

It is not time or location.  It is decision that one is genuinely worth the time to invest in one’s spiritual development.  The Christian holy texts cite that one should work on one’s salvation with fear and trembling.  The teaching therein is of the urgency with which should prioritize one’s ultimate purpose on this earth and be just as grateful for the opportunity granted by a God whose grace underwrote a new testament rather than have kept the old one which guaranteed death for the sinner. 

Your healing is possible and your encounter with the divine source within you is, too.  The ability for you to see yourself the way God sees you is quite within your grasp.  I am convinced that the mental programming we act on is what limits our vision and prejudges our actions toward success or failure.  As we are culturally taught that failure isn’t an option, second is still a loser, and so on, then the neuroticism which most of us harbor within is simply put – paralyzing.  

As we attempt to make changes, the fear of failure is greater than any fear of a future hell.  In light of what is inside of my mind telling me I can or here I go again, it is no mystery that the inevitable decisions we make which seem so similar to the previous ones we have made and have left us beside ourselves, dissatisfied and hurt, seem just as predetermined as fate.  

I have a hunch this is much easier to accept than the alternative.  However, as we come full circle, we realize at this moment that in order for the alternative to become the new normal in our lives, it requires pain.  This is makes us stop dead in our tracks.  

The other situation, the paralyzing one where we already know that it’s same old, same old.  The mistakes, dissatisfaction and meaninglessness took their toll, but not we’ve got this.  We tell ourselves living for the weekend is the purpose of one’s life, families are burdens and usually lose their joy, it’s about making money and getting yours before others do.  We make networks under the disguise of friends, but the relationships are superficial and driven by what we can get from others.  We continue to experience greater alienation as we go to social media for convincing that we have friends and that we are somebody. 


From the moment we wake up to the moment we retire, we have televisions on, social media sharing and organized noise all around us.  Dinner in any restaurant is impossible as the huge monitors behind our spouses, friends or significant others, take any focus away from our conversations.  We are growing more and more apart and less and less aware of the process.  We are being dehumanized.  

            This is not predetermined and there is another way.  This method doesn’t require leaving your present life and moving to a remote location in order to commune with God.  It doesn’t require mind altering methods or expensive 

resources.  It doesn’t require travel or expensive memberships to 

esoteric organizations.  It requires your commitment and the 

authentic attitude toward yourself that you deserve a better life at an 

existential and spiritual level.  

(From Urban Guru: A Spirituality for 21st Century Seekers and Saints by Daniel Medina - https://www.amazon.com/Urban-Guru-Spirituality-Century-Seekers-ebook/dp/B08CJX8ZFW)


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