I am a child of God. This is the existential and Christian

conclusion I have arrived at this particular 

juncture of my pilgrimage on Earth. 

    Having written this, I am well aware that I employ words 

to describe the indescribable as well as the 

ineffable. Words cannot touch the face of God and I cannot 

express the incorruptible with the corruptible 

limits provided for by my five senses and my finite mind.

    I don’t want anything. I have God. I have my son. I have 

health. I have a mind others have called brilliant, others 

beautiful, others deep. I’ll take all of them. I have lived, as 

Hesse wrote in one of his poems, with gusto. I have 

employment and insurance. A roof under my head and the privilege and safety provided by the country of 

my birth to take leisure in determining the deeper things in life – such as “Who I am?”

    I need to serve others, sustain a life of prayer, study, and meditation. I seek and pursue to be in harmony 

(and one) with the mind of Christ. To channel Christ Consciousness and to live in accordance with the 

Holy Spirit. I believe I have possessed this mind of Christ. But I also know that I have rejected it. 

    As in the Hebrew sacred tradition, we have the daily opportunity to Shuv, or to turn back to God. I ask 

God in my daily office to grant me the wisdom, tenacity, and grace to remain in oneness with the mind of 


    As a child of God, I evolve. I will grow. And in full stature to the saint God already sees me as. I         

believe this is the place I begin each day from. This is how I get what I need. God has blessed me with 

what I want. 


Pastor Daniel


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